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Save the date for The Chicago Green Light Exchange Weekend...where EVERYTHING GOES! This weekend will feature the very best of live Chicago entertainment all weekend long. We're talking Swing, Hot Jazz, Blues, and all points in between.

Great venues, great live music, walking tours around the city, dance bombs, food, fun, springtime in the greatest city around, and getting back to the roots of why we love to dance.

Some very special features of the weekend will be Johnny Boyd's  triumphant return to the South Shore Cultural Center after more than a decade, the Spring Balboa Workshop with Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault, dance only passes, taster workshops, late night venues, and LOTS OF LIVE MUSIC that includes jam sessions with Chicago's brightest musical stars.

For more information on the Chicago Green Light Exchange, this weekend's bands, dance instruction, and social dancing opportunities in Chicago, please visit Galaxie Chicago

How To Register:
1) Fill out the registration form so we know who's coming.

2) Start shopping for your pass by selecting "Weekend Passes". You may purchase a dance-only pass or you can opt for the Balboa Taster classes as well. 
Please Note: Pre-registration for day passes or single dances is not available for this event!

3) Please continue to the housing form if you can offer housing or if you need housing. 

4) Continue to your Shopping Cart to checkout. You have 1 hour to complete online payment via PayPal, or select Cash/Check to send in your payment within two weeks of registration. Please make checks out to Nicolle Wood and address all cash or check payments to:

Nicolle Wood
2110 W. Belle Plaine Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

5) You will receive a confirmation email once payment is received. 

6) Pre-registration closes April 20 at 11:59pm (Central Time).

Chicago Green Light Exchange

Who's coming?!

Name City
Mary Adams Louisville, Kentucky
Matt Adams Anderson, IN
Balmukund Agarwal Auburn Hills, Michigan
Don Alsafi Chicago, IL
Bridget Aubin Evergreen Park, Illinois
Christopher Aubin Evergreen Park, Illinois
Tom Bachtell Chicago, IL
Michael Benzmiller Chicago, Illinois
Hannah Burtness St. Louis, MO - Missouri
Norene Chip Chicago, IL
Gary Chyi Chicago, IL
Jame Lee Corrar Chicago, IL
Sarah Eiring Louisville, KY
Madeline Ford Louisville, KY
Lauren Haynes Chicago, Illinois
Luke Holladay Chicago, IL
Kristi-Lynn Jacovino Chicago, IL
sylvain Labbe Montreal-East, Quebec
Nina Lambert Chicago, IL
Yulai Liu West Lafayette, IN
Jeremy Ma Long Grove, Illinois
Elizabeth Nasci Chicago, IL
Sally O'Brien Chicago, IL
Thomas O'Keefe Chicago, IL
Jim O'Neal Chicago, IL
Joshua Palmer Rockford, Illinois
Alexandra Pikeas Chicago, il
Erin Riley Chicago, IL
John Paul Rodman Portland, OR
Marianne Ronquillo Chicago, Illinois
Chris Ruman Gurnee, IL
kaushik Shanboug Ann Arbor , MI
Jenny Smith Chicago, IL
Chelsea Standley Toledo, OH
Rebecca Unger Chicago, IL
Aaron Yi Chicago, il
Ming Zhou Chicago, IL
Samantha Zorich Schaumburg, IL

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